Wednesday, 29 January 2014

No spend day! (well, for me!)

Well spent nowt helped by raining so couldnt get out at lunch - no mooching round the shops for me which is great...but it did cost other half £210 for his car to get through its MOT (I had the money in my car expenses account) Got weighed tonight and have only put on 3.5 lbs since the last time I got weighed which was December 10th so I was very pleased. I joined Weight watchers and lost 4 stones for my sons wedding in September - cancelled my membership and have been doing a bit half hearted so have put 7 lbs in total back on but back on track now.....

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lean mean no-spending machine..

Well another new year and a new beginning! Our income has drastically reduced – oh had a wee job but that has finished so back to a very basic life style on my part time wages… We have enough money to live on to cover all the bills and we don’t have any debt so are a lot better off than a lot of folk but I will have to be careful and watch every penny just to keep our head above water – the fun part is trying to squeeze an already squeezed budget to get more “fun” money and have a wee savings account. So I have started de-cluttering to sell stuff or car boot it and see how much I can raise….This year I have 2 aims – the first is to use up all the toiletries we have before buying new ones (got loads at Xmas so certainly not deprived!) and the second one is to curb my magazine habit. I have always had a problem with magazines - love em! Been using my Tesco vouchers for the past few years and treating myself to a year’s subscription of the Prima. I had 12 copies in my basket and duly went through them to pull out anything I wanted to keep – ended up with a couple of articles, some websites to check out and a few recipes! All that money (imagine if I had paid £2.99 a copy!) for that…so no more magazines for me – there’s a Style at Home mag I occasionally buy and the Essential but NO MORE! I will content myself with the free magazines from Tesco, Asda and the Co-op. So now I have 2 boxes I have started filling – one for the car boot and one for better stuff I can flog on Gumtree or Facebook (really don’t like Ebay unless I have something special I know I can get good money for) My china shelves are posing a wee problem….I love china especially anything retro so have 2 coffee sets with coffee cans – one is very 60’s with an orange gerbera on and the other is pale blue and silver. Totally useless as nobody uses these sets but they are sooooo pretty! There are some lovely sherry glasses (again, who uses them?) and some other bits and bobs. They are staying there until I decide what to do with them…..So that is my sitting room decluttered …..