Thursday, 16 February 2012

Left handed crochet class!

I'm so excited! the Bead shop in Haddington is offering a left-handed crochet workshop - I have been trying to learn to crochet for years but cant find any other lefties to show me how. I have tried learning from videos on the net but cant get the hang of it...

So for 2 hours for £16 (materials included) I might at long last be able to crochet! Its not until early March - cant wait!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Update on dd and an Approved food order to try them...

Well got the wheelchair off freecycle - lightweight one to push about so it did the trick - took dd to the fracture clinic and they are pleased with her - put another plaster on (this time below the knee - hurray!) so shes a bit more mobile. Got a wheelchair from the Red cross (dontation required - £5 per week) with a leg extension so she can keep her leg elevated and its a self propelled one so she can get out and about a bit more.

And tried out the Approved food website - have looked at in the past and never really found much I could try but there was loads this time - cous cous for 14p a packet, white sauce 5p a packet, nouvelle loo roll - 9 roll packs for £2.75, 450gms jam for 50p, 8 tortillas for 40p were some of the best bargains. Anyway, I put the suprise box for £1 to my order just for fun! So its cost me £46.81 including postage but I got gizillions of stuff so quite happy with it.

Having dd here means a lot extra on the food bill so might have to ask her for a wee donation!!!!!!

Housekeeping in Feb - £102 in Asda
£47 Approved foods

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Off to get a wheelchair from Freecycle!

Bit demented pushing dd about on a computer chair - couldnt get one from the docs (no idea why!) and was given 2 numbers to call for wheelchair lending. Both were miles away in remote parts of Edinburgh and Dalkeith (no idea how to even get there) so put a message up on Freecycle to see if I could get lucky and even get a loan of a wheelchair......lo and behold a lovely lady has replied and we are going in half an hour to pick one up! Turns out its only a few streets away from where my dd actually lives when shes not being out house guest!
Arent people lovely.......

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well, off me and dh went on Friday to our caravan down near Dumfries - baltic weather but got all cosyed in and got the phone call......turns out eldest dd had a dizzy turn on getting up from the sofa and crumbled on to one leg.....managed to phone my son-and-heir who took her up to hospital as her ankle was agony and swelled up immediatly - after 5 hours turns out she has fractured just above her ankle AND fractured at the top near her knee!
It was too late too come home on Friday night when we got the news so she was taken back to our house with a temporary cast on (up past her knee). We woke up Sat morning to a snow blizzard and werent going anywhere! Dreadful weather and because its a high road home we kept in touch but decided to stay where we were.
So woke up this morning to nice crisp snow and managed to get back - by the time we had got over the hills back to Edinburh there wasnt a scrap of snow!
So I am now back - shes in a lot of pain - has to go back on Friday am to see about getting a proper cast on - so looks like I will have a house guest for a while! Shes at Edinburgh uni so is going to phone them tomorrow and tell them whats happened. As shes disabled she had a lot of things sorted out already - they know she could miss lectures and tuturials because of her back pain but hopefully they can help her not to miss out on too much.
Never rains but it pours!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Quorn shepherds pie

Rummaging through my freezer I came across 2 bags of Quorn mince (well, 2 1/2 bags cos one had an extra 50% free in) and my big bag of potatoes was beginning to I decided to make Shepherds pie(s)

Cooked the mince with beef stock, peas, carrots, celery - added worcestershire sauce and a wee bit brown sauce and gravy granules - boiled up pots and managed to get 3 large shepherds pies (4 good portion) and we ate one last night. Very tasty! Quorn does need a lot of flavouring but at only £1 per bag at the moment its cheap as chips - even the carnivoure dh gave it the seal of approval!

And....drum roll.....another holiday this weekend! I'm due a days flexi this weekend and youngest dd doesnt want to go to the caravan so shes staying with eldest dd and it will be just me and dh!