Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holidays booked!

Taking our caravan to the Costa Del Whitby followed by Barnard Castle - £16 per night for the first site and £18 a night for the second (paying a bit extra as there are laundry facilities at the second one!)

Top end of our nightly budget but have found the last couple of years now that everyone and their mother are going camping prices have shot up - our top whack used to be £15 and I would expect an all-singing-all-dancing site for that! alas, no more......

Have made up a menu for the holiday (leaving a few blanks for barbecues, odd meal out) and will pack the slow cooker.

Might manage a few long weekends in the summer holidays away in the tent but they will have to be very basic and cheap sites!

Monday, 20 June 2011

If its not one thing.....

Been hit with allsorts - £90 to sort out the computers, £304 for brakes/tyres for the car, need a new battery for the caravan (£90), new steps as ours are so rusty they are dangerous (around the £20 mark), oh needs new walking shoes as his are leaking (up to £30 for walking shoes), both the hairdryer and straighteners blew up within a couple of days of each other, - all this with only a few weeks until our holiday.....aaaarrghh!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Been very quiet.....

Busy doing my first big essay for my Open Uni course - its really hard when you have been out of education for sooooo long to try and get your head round it!

And my old computer finally died - had a panic attack when the computer shop phoned up and told me as I have all my family tree stuff on it - luckily they retrieved it.

So we are not getting another desktop computer at the moment - I have my laptop which we are using for wireless connection and we are using my daughters old laptop as the one plugged into the internet.

Have booked 6 days in our caravan at Whitby followed by 5 days at Barnard Castle for our summer holidays - will see how many wee trips in the tent we can also sneake in during the summer hols!!!!!!