Sunday, 18 January 2015

Marie Kondo decluttering!

I have just discovered this blogger app so bear with me & i will try to upload before and after photos of my de-cluttering attempts using the Marie Kondo idea of only having posessions that inspire joy...

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Further de-cluttering - and musings on clutter...

I downloaded a sample of a book on de-cluttering into my Kindle (actually I got a load of samples as they are free!)Most de-cluttering books tend to be American and yes, there are some interesting things in it but I do like a British when I read the sample of Banish clutter forever by Sheila Chandra I was so impressed with it that I actually bought the Kindle edition! A major event for me as I simply wont buy Kindle books but I really like how she wrote about clutter basing things on the toothbrush principal (ie you always put your toothbrush back in the same place and never lose it) So bascially there is a home for everything. I really like this book - although its repetetive (and I need that) there is some really good ideas and insights into why some de-cluttering never seems to last. I have read it all now and am letting it sink in. I will read it again when I have time to do the excercises and see how it goes - a lot of it makes good sense to me and rings bells.
So on that note I attacked my too-small wardrobe - now regular readers now I have lost 4 stones and whilst on my diet journey I was putting away clothes I came across in jumlbe sales and car boots that I would like to get into.....the problem about losing so much is when you are bigger you have an idea of what you want to wear when you lost weight - however, when you lost that weight those clothes might no longer be what you want to wear and this has happened to me. So in my de-cluttering last night I put 11 (yes 11!) tops into the car boot pile!
Ongoing de-clutter total - 30
Money from sales - £3 (sold my iron!)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cut price shopping and this weeks menu

This weeks menu (from the cupboards/freezers!) is
Spag bolog
Prawns/jacket pots
Turkey curry
Macaroni cheese
Barbecue chicken wings
Most involve left overs from Christmas. Wrote out a shopping list to accompany these and decided not to go to Asda as too many temptations so just went to our local Co-op - bought exactly what was on my list (thats a first for a long time! lol) - I spent £30, got £3 off by using my Student discount card and had a £3 voucher off so it only cost £24 for the week! The Co-op is more expensive but I am not tempted by lots of offers so with the discounts it worked out much better. Next week will be dearer as there are meals to be made for me and dd but will have to buy stuff for dh (dodgy tum) but will work on the same principle of the spreadsheet and see how it goes.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Spreadsheet for pantry, freezers and meals

I am going to change the way I do my shopping and meal planning - both seem to have vanished since I have been working full time and its all my fault so need to get a grip! I do love a spreadsheet! I have tried to be organised with food as in knowing whats in the cupboards and our 2 freezers but paper doesnt work (even when its on the fridge to fill in when folk take out stuff!)so me and dd went through all the cupboards and freezers today and wrote down what we had (chucking out all the out-of-date stuff as we went along!)
So wrote what we had on a spreadsheet under 7 headings
Mains ie meat, fish, chicken etc
Sides, such as veg, beans etc
Carbs, ie potaotes, chips, rice , bread etc
Sauces ie curry,stir-fry etc
Portions or frozen meals
Then at the end I made up a heading of Meals and then under another heading Shopping.
Went through everything we had to easily make up 7 meals, added any wee bits we needed to the shopping list and Robert is your mothers brother! Highlighted anything we were going to used for the meals and once the week is over I will take off those things
Once I can get my cupboards and freezers down I can take advantage of whatever is on special offers and both dd and oh will muck in with the menus instead of leaving me to think of everything
Well - thats the plan anyway!! Will post my menu and this weeks shopping list onces I have the go-ahead from the troops!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Bought a dress for my dds wedding in the sale!

Have been very good and not spent any money at all....then went on to the House of Fraser website...I bought a gorgeous dress for my sons wedding last year from their Eliza J range (full skirts - very 50's) and have been watching a grey dress for a while - got all excited as it was in the sale reduced from £140 to £39 but was out of stock!!!! But there was a lovely damson plum one very much like the one I got last time but this time with beaded cap sleeves - reduced from £140 to £78 so I ordered it and its arrived and is beautiful! It is also 2 sizes smaller than I am now so that will keep me on the straight and narrow of my healthy living plan! I lost 4 stones for my sons wedding, put a stone back on (over a year thats not bad!) - have now lost that stone but might have put a bit back on over Crimbo - so I reckon another 2 stone off and the dress will fit perfectly. The wedding isnt until September so plenty of time....
Havent done any de-cluttering as busy at work so total is still
3 x beanie hats for a lady with cancer
3 paperbacks for car boot sale
Ongoing de-clutter total - 19
Money from sales - £3 (sold my iron!)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Home made butter

I had a carton of double cream lurking at the back of the cupboard - still in date so decided to have a go at making butter - it was so easy and totally delicious! I put the cream and 1/4 tsp salt in a bowl and using my trusty hand mixer it took exactly 7 mins to produce some butter! I drained it through an old pillow case and have kept the buttermilk ready for scones etc and was left with a lovely yellow creamy butter. So I have filled up small ramekins and froze it so when anyone fancies lovely crusty bread with soup you cant beat home made butter mmmmmmmm. Next time mind I will add more salt and apparantly to make it spreadable straight from the fridge you can add a wee bit of olive oil so might try that.
Decluttering continues....
3 x beanie hats for a lady with cancer (waiting to be picked up)
3 paperbacks for car boot sale
Ongoing de-clutter total - 19
Money from sales - £3 (sold my iron!)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

De-clutter - the start!

Doing a bit of de-cluttering at a time....todays efforts are......
3 t-shirts for rag bag
6 x lipsticks that dont suit me at all - bin
My ironing cover (done me 18 years - time for a change!!) - got a new one in the sales - bin
Iron - again, had it years and got it 2nd hand and its always been rubbish - got a shiny new one in the sales - Freecycle (might do someone a turn!) if not collected will be binned.
Ongoing de-clutter total - 13
Money from sales - £0