Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting the bettter of the back....

Slowly getting more movement - trying to reduce the painkillers as they really knock me for six - gradually building up excercises although the most walking outside I have managed was just round the scheme (about 5 minutes!)

So not much frugally happening here (apart from I cant go out and spend any money so thats good!) It also means dh has been having to do the shopping so thought I would total it up...

Up to me being ill - £108
Dh spends - £44.96

Total - round to £217 - which means I put £83 in holiday fund! Hopefully when I am back to normal I can save even more next month...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bad back

Wont be posting for a while - doing this one between druuuuuuugs as I have a horrible bad back........

Monday, 10 October 2011

Update on housekeeping money

Before I forget! This month so far....£51 on-line shop, £14 Aldi and today another £43 on-line shop (including £3.66 price promise back from last shop)

October total so far: £108

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Probably last car boot and jumble sale of the year

I'm sad! last jumbley and probably last car boot up here......

Jumbley - some of it quite expensive - I know they are raising funds for a good cause but £4 for a wee tiny brooch is going to put people off. My eldest dd spotted a tiny wee game in a box of skittles in the shape of penguins (table top skittles)Lady wanted £2 for it so she offered £1 - got a mouthful about how it was to raise money for a well somewhere in Africa so my naughty dd told her to send them the penquin game! She got it for £1! Its such a shame but they were left with loads of unsold stuff that if they had asked cheaper prices for it would have gone and they would have more funds - seems daft to me!

Anyhoo - I bought....

Single duvet cover - £1 (this is going to make curtains in my new caravan/office
4 cd set classical music - 50p
DVD about Scott of Antartica - 50p - for my dad
4 items clothing for youngest dd - £2
Hardback book - Prettiest villages in Scotland - £1
3 boots for £1

Todays car boot......

Lovely china tray decorated with cats to keep reading glasses on - £1
Pretty wooden box decorated with tea items - £1.50 -to keep teabags in caravan/office
Chrome wall clock - £1.50 - again for van/office
Large bag of tent pegs (rock ones for awnings) - £2
Small pink chinese style wool rug - £2 - again for van/office

My wee gang hut is coming along nicely = all mismatched stuff and its a great place to study in - will get camera out to show work in progress tomorrow.....

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Got a new office!

Well - its a a caravan in the garden actually! Its a small caravan that was used for the Caravan club towing courses so theres nothing in it at all. The lady we got it off used it for a potting shed as it was nice and dry! So for the princely sum of £50 (half of what I saved on my housekeeping last month) I have my very own gang hut!

It was filthy - dh has now washed down the outside and I am about to attack the inside - wish I had taken before pictures! Anyway, it all needs washed down inside with bleach just to make sure theres no beasties busy, busy, busy for the next wee while - will put pictures up later...