Tuesday, 24 May 2011

BHS jewellry bargains

Had a treat today and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean in 3d - really long film but enjoyed it - used my dds disabled cinema card so that was one free and went to the 4pm showing as it was a lot cheaper.

On the way out we went through BHS and I noticed they had a jewellry sale - bought an earring and necklace set reduced to £2 from £15, matching bracelet - again reduced from £15 to £2, a ring reduced from £5 to £1 and another set with earrings, necklace and bracelet reduced from £15 to £2! I'm now all jewellryed out!!! £50 worth for £7 - not too shabby.

Monday, 23 May 2011

14 hours of solid rain

yet we still managed to enjoy ourselves! Sat was a wash out - but Friday and Sunday had lovely sunny spells....lovely bluebells woods and heres a picture of the tent in action with my 2 dds..

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Going away camping....

Going away in our new tent for a few days so no more blogging for a bit - at least we will be eating plenty of sandwiches!!! Weather forcast for Stirling area isnt great but we are prepared - wellies, raincoats,hot water bottles, sun tan lotion and midge cream - what else can be thrown at us!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

10 p bread in Asda

Filled my trolley! All ciabattas, paninis, olive bread, walnut bread and fancy rolls - all reduced down to 10p each! Added it up and totalled £24.16 for the grand total of £3!!!!! Well chuffed - thank heavens for a huge freezer!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Good car boot and jumble sale!

We dont have many car boots in our neck of the woods - tend to be annually and very small - todays was at my dds school - 10 cars tops!
Got a nice document drawer set £1, a cotton laundry bag (for your smalls) 50p and a fruit bowl for £1.
Me and eldest dd went for a nice walk and took a picnic while waiting for a scout jumble sale to start (Gullane - nice area so hoped to get some good stuff)
Managed to bag a travel Sanctuary set (£1), a back pack picnic set (only had 2 metal mugs, 2 napkins and a spoon) for £1 and a metal teapot with metal milk jug for the caravan for £1.50 and a blue/white checked tablecloth for 50p.
Eldest dd did very well, got 2 handbags, a knitting bag, picture, dinner service and salad plates!
I love looking at the stuff people give away - dds dinner service was the pyrex/arcopal type with a red rose on - its all stuff you couldnt buy in the shops and I love retro stuff.

Monday, 9 May 2011

6 week de-clutter rota

Well the curse of the back room has struck again! every time I tidy up a room anything I don't have a home for gets dumped in the back room - its an ongoing problem....

So I have devised a 6 week de-clutter and deep clean rota - every Monday I will do one room. The house isn't actually too bad (barr the back room) but I will feel happier if I know at least there's no more than 6 weeks cluttering to tidy up!)

Started off last week when I sorted out under my bathroom sink and towel cupboard in the bathroom.

This week was an ideal time to sort out my sitting room as I had to move the telly (ooooo behind that was scary!) I sorted out all my unit, baskets, moved all the furniture to clean - even took the cushions of the suite and brushed out all the crumbs. Everything that wasn't supposed to be in there ended up....yes you guessed it...the back room!

So have got our bedroom, kitchen, passage and the infamous back room to go.

I know its hefty at first but at least I know every 6 weeks my rooms will get a good going over.

Did my on-line shop - back to weekly at the moment - £52 - £50 is my budget but had to buy rabbit food.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Am I wasting my time.......

Well after much hooing and hawing we have ordered a new Freeview recorder and a new television....well I suppose thats what savings accounts are for!

So looked at how we could curb our spending for a while to build it back up again and suggested that we have 2 vegetarian meals a week - well - you think I had suggested living on bread and dripping!!!!! My family (well, dh and youngest dd) seem to think money grows on tree. As I pointed out we would not be in the position to buy these things if I didnt economise and save up.
Am I wasting my time? should I just be like everyone else and have a brand new car and caravan and shiny new sofas every year and be up to my eyeballs in debt????

Noooo - been there done it and paid it all back - I am never going there again.

So found 2 lovely recipes in the Asda free magazine - asparagus with feta in filo pastry and bean/mushroom burgers - so will report back to see how it goes!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Great start to the day...bad end....

It was my eldest dds checkup at Cancerland as she calls it - she has now been cancer free for 1 year and 2 months - had her check up and everything is fine so the next appointment is not for 6 months! Yayyy!

Followed this by retail therapy - bought some work clothes for myself in the Evans sale and bagged a half price maxi dress in Anne Harvey for a wedding I am going to (all of this paid for by my cashback cheque from Quidco which was even better!!!)

Then had a lovely Spanish meal at Tapas - full as anything....

Managed a half hour walk by the river.....

Then got home and disaster had struck...our Freeview recorder box has died! I sooo rely on it - I only record programmes I really want to watch - try not to watch telly too much as its such a time waster. Also, my heavy handed OH pulled the aerial socket out of the telly and we cant use it unless we have a Freeview box - so no telly for us until I buy another one.

So we will buy a cheap Freeview box from Asda tomorrow and I am off to hunt for a good deal on a Freeview recorder.

But still a happy day!