Monday, 25 April 2011

Costing our holiday

Have been studying the cost of our holiday. We have a touring caravan and the site we stayed in was lovely but at the top of our budget - for myself and my 2 dds it was £18 per night - the last 2 nights my partner came costing an extra £3.50 per night. We stayed for a week. We did quite a few touristy things (went on a boat trip on the Falkik Wheel, did the open-topped bus tour in Edinburgh, my dd went climbing at Ratho) but most of the time was just going for nice walks and relaxing in the sunshine. Had 2 meals out as a treat, 1 chip shop tea and the rest of the time we cooked in the caravan and took out picnics (and yes, sad though it is I made a menu for what we were going to eat!!!)
So it cost just over £400 - my eldest dd will put a third towards it so it cost me about the £300 mark by the time I add petrol in. This comes out of my Holiday budget which I put money away every month.
We didn't skimp on nibbles, had a few ciders every night in the van and there was nothing we didn't do because it was too expensive so I am pleased with the overall budget.

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