Saturday, 3 March 2012

Missing in action

Havnt posted in a while - mucho happenings! dh got admitted to hospital again - turns out he had stones in his bile duct (after taking out his gall bladder) so has been really ill -took them out and hes home now but a lovley shade of yellow as his liver was affected and still quite poorly. Had my first mammogram (took 15 mins and was a bit uncomfortable but certainly not as bad as I had been told!) Dd is sick of her stookie but is getting it off next Friday - just to add to problems she was involved in a car crash as a passenger (someone reversed into the car) and has got whiplash!) and I had an essay to hand in for my OU course which nearly finished me off! And my driving lesson was a bit off last week but I put it down to the fact I had so much going on........
On a brigher note - 9am bus and off to my left-handed crochet class tomorrow! Whoop whoop! then me and my bright orange IKEA shopping trolley will be visiting Tesco to get messages from my daughter and duly walk the 30 minutes all up hill to get to her house and then 30 mins back to get the bus----- busy day!

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