Friday, 13 April 2012

Missing for a while.....

Life has been getting in the way of my blog - attempted my first driving test and failed but not too badly - have to wait another few months to take another one but getting a wee bit more confident - not taking too many lessons as no pennies but will see if things improve.....

Reason we have no pennies is holidays-r-us! Been to our caravan for a long weekend, been to my pals mums static for a long weekend, dh birthday is coming up so we are planning on going up Aberdeen way for a long weekend and treating ourselfs to a b&b (luxury for us!) and me and my eldest dd are going on our annual Granny bus trip to Largs and Loch Lomond (again, long weekend) So every penny is going into the holiday fund at the moment!

Did manage a car boot last time we were across in Dumfries - got 3 lovely tops and a pair of cut-off trousers for £1 each. Great bargain as I am a "ahem" larger lady and its normally impossible to get bigger sizes so was dead pleased. Have 2 small car boot sales tomorrow at North Berwick so looking forward to that.

Been busy in the garden too - using last years paint we did our windowsills and painted what was left of our fence (the last high winds our fence between us and our neighbours vanished!) The new fence is nearly finished but it still a work in progress.

My youngest isnt very well at the moment - nasty sicknes bug bless her so shes been hogging to computer too!!!


  1. Great to see you back. Sounds like you have been a busy bunny.

    Hope your youngest feels better soon. Mine isn't well either, a sign its the holidays!

    X x

  2. I'm glad you're back xxxx get back on that frgual wagon, it's the only way in these tough times xx

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