Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cut price shopping and this weeks menu

This weeks menu (from the cupboards/freezers!) is
Spag bolog
Prawns/jacket pots
Turkey curry
Macaroni cheese
Barbecue chicken wings
Most involve left overs from Christmas. Wrote out a shopping list to accompany these and decided not to go to Asda as too many temptations so just went to our local Co-op - bought exactly what was on my list (thats a first for a long time! lol) - I spent £30, got £3 off by using my Student discount card and had a £3 voucher off so it only cost £24 for the week! The Co-op is more expensive but I am not tempted by lots of offers so with the discounts it worked out much better. Next week will be dearer as there are meals to be made for me and dd but will have to buy stuff for dh (dodgy tum) but will work on the same principle of the spreadsheet and see how it goes.


  1. Well done. It takes will power not to be tempted when shopping.

  2. Well done on the menu and the shopping. It is good to see you posting more often. You are an inspiration to me.