Saturday, 10 January 2015

Spreadsheet for pantry, freezers and meals

I am going to change the way I do my shopping and meal planning - both seem to have vanished since I have been working full time and its all my fault so need to get a grip! I do love a spreadsheet! I have tried to be organised with food as in knowing whats in the cupboards and our 2 freezers but paper doesnt work (even when its on the fridge to fill in when folk take out stuff!)so me and dd went through all the cupboards and freezers today and wrote down what we had (chucking out all the out-of-date stuff as we went along!)
So wrote what we had on a spreadsheet under 7 headings
Mains ie meat, fish, chicken etc
Sides, such as veg, beans etc
Carbs, ie potaotes, chips, rice , bread etc
Sauces ie curry,stir-fry etc
Portions or frozen meals
Then at the end I made up a heading of Meals and then under another heading Shopping.
Went through everything we had to easily make up 7 meals, added any wee bits we needed to the shopping list and Robert is your mothers brother! Highlighted anything we were going to used for the meals and once the week is over I will take off those things
Once I can get my cupboards and freezers down I can take advantage of whatever is on special offers and both dd and oh will muck in with the menus instead of leaving me to think of everything
Well - thats the plan anyway!! Will post my menu and this weeks shopping list onces I have the go-ahead from the troops!


  1. Hi, just joined your blog.
    I've recently emptied one of my freezers, it was too big and therefore I felt pressured into filling it ! I now have a basic under the counter one in the kitchen.

  2. Welcome! I must admit I keep thinking we need a smaller freezer then some bargain comes across and because of the size I can take advantage...swings and roundabouts....