Monday, 30 August 2010

Well I am back blogging! thanks to my friend Caroline (thanks for the meal - it was fab!) who misses my blogs I am up and running again......
I vanished for a while as I turned 50 and was having a major re-think about my life (special birthdays always do that!) so I have bitten the bullet and sent off for my provisional driving licence and am going to take lessons - never driven in my life but think its about time I did - I have just over £500 to put towards them (birthday money and a lovely cheque from Scottish Power as all my moaning over the winter about not putting the heating on until really necessary paid off!)so lets see if this old dog can learn new tricks...
I will re-start my outgoings on 1st September - oh wants to have a 2 week holiday next year touring in our caravan up to the Orkney Islands and around the top of Scotland so that's a goal I can be saving up for (I find I am quite happy being frugal if I have a goal) Also, as oh points out, if (sorry, when!) I pass my test I would like a wee car so have to save for that and insurance etc.
Did make a start by making my own soap powder - got the idea from Frugal Queen - grated up 2 bars of Morrisons household soap and mixed with equal quantity of Soda crystals - whizzed up in the food processor and use 1 dessert-spoon per wash. So far I am very pleased with the results - more pleased than using the Asda smart price soap powder! Have now completely given up using fabric conditioner and use 2 tablsps vinegar which makes everything really soft (my towels are fab!)
Also tried out Aldis own make dishwasher tablets which are really good - I am going to try and break them in half to see if that works.
I have routed out all my nearly empty bottles of shampoo and mixed then together (its amazing how much you can get out if you leave them upside down when you think they are empty) and put them in a pump dispenser I bought for 50p at a car boot - considering I have to wash my hair every day it doesn't really matter what shampoo I use.I also added the collection of shampoo sachets I seem to have acquired!
So that's a start!

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