Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another good night at Asda....

Back from the knitting club and decided to try Asda as I got loads of bargains at the same time last week - wee bitty early this week but still got loads of stuff (and saw a fox in the car park which made my night!)

Lamb chops - £5 to £1
3 x pack drop scones - only 29p each but reduced to 10p
4 packs rolls - 65p down to 10p
Pizza - £2.48 down to 89p
3 x quiche - £1 to 20p
2x fancy rolls - 77p to 10p
Biscuits - £1.20 to 10p
2 small desserts - 99p to 20p

Think that was all - anyway, would have cost £18.78 (not that I would have bought some of it!) but for £2.89 I was very pleased!

1 comment:

  1. I love a bargain, well done on your finds. Shopping late to get the reductions is the best way to go. Beat the supermarkets that's what I say.