Sunday, 31 October 2010

I love another car boot...

Been to our monthly car boot up at the Parkandride just outside Edinburgh - its never very big but I always manage to get some great stuff. Set myself a limit of £10 and spent £9.50...

Travel journal - £1.50 (to record my holidays - had £9.99 on the back!)
Bunch of plastic poinsettias - 10p
Banana scrabble - £1 (new - £16.99 in the Lakeland catalogue!)
Clothes for dgs 1 - spent £3 (including tons of tops for 20p each and 2 coats for 50p)
Tiny timberland boots for dgs 2 - 50p!
Sleeping bag for dgs 2 - £1
Red bodice for dd - 20p (shes out trick or treating with it on!)
Fashionable Checky shirt for dd - 20p
Xmas present (new - cant say as might be reading my blog!) - £1
Xmas present - second hand but looks like new - £1

Very pleased.....

1 comment:

  1. Wow you made a haul. At at such nice prices. Way to go.