Monday, 20 June 2011

If its not one thing.....

Been hit with allsorts - £90 to sort out the computers, £304 for brakes/tyres for the car, need a new battery for the caravan (£90), new steps as ours are so rusty they are dangerous (around the £20 mark), oh needs new walking shoes as his are leaking (up to £30 for walking shoes), both the hairdryer and straighteners blew up within a couple of days of each other, - all this with only a few weeks until our holiday.....aaaarrghh!


  1. I know the feeling. I've had a bit of a run of luck like that lately. Here's to some good to balance the bad. :)

    KB xx

  2. If both your straighteners and blow dryers blew that close together, you have power surge problems coming from your source box. I know you do not want to hire an electrician right now but this could get worse and take out a major appliance or a computer? Or you my need to but plugs that blow a breaker at the source to prevent your small appliances from dieing. Sorry. I like you blog.

  3. I mean I like your blog! Need to wear glasses when posting.