Sunday, 17 July 2011

And we start again....frugallness rules!

First shop after my hols - spent £58 but did real shopping (not online) - also spent another £12 on really good meat reductions so that will go towards next weeks menu. Will try and get back into on-line shopping as it really helps.....

There is so much we need to do to our flat - bathroom needs re-doing, kitchen still hasnt a floor yet (old scabby lino) - the whole place needs freshened up (there is only so much wall-washing you can do!) Our car is on its way out - need a slightly bigger one to tow the caravan better - thats a biggie to save up for as I refuse to get any kind of bank loan (debt free since 2003 and its staying that way!)

Youngest dd has turned into a proper teenager overnight and is now wanting to go out with her pals, spend money on clothes etc. She's not bad (gets her own clothes allowance) but its getting a bit much giving her £5/£10 when she goes out and I feel bad for her but I cant do it all the time.

Also I need to pay for more driving lessons - hope to book a test within the next couple or three months - my eldest has been driving 3 years today so can start coming down and sitting with me in my wee car (long story but dh managed to hit my car when he was reversing the caravan in the drive - dont know how much thats going to cost but hes paying for it!)

Seems all we are doing to putting money out........

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