Monday, 25 July 2011

More spending....

Honestly it never stops! DH glasses were so scratched he couldnt see out of them - new pair cost £85! we couldnt get any money off as his prescription hasnt changed but he did get free variofocals with them.

Need new knickers (my old ones are now being used for dusters!) Asda, £4 for 4 pairs and 2 new bras for £8 total.

Went to see Harry Potter today in 3d - fab - again, went on a Monday as its 25% cheaper than after 5 or the weekend and only paid for 1 ticket as I get in free as dh's carer since she had a cinema card. Had a nice early birthday lunch at Frankie and Bennies which was a nice treat.

Due my hair cut tomorrow - I actually dont need a cut so will cancel it and make another appointment as I have found out my hairdressers give free fringe trims in between (my hair is in a short bob so it doesnt really need cutting) Now that I have found out about the free trim I might make my appointments last a lot longer inbetween.

Had a wee chat to dh about money - we need a new car so as from this weekend we will be starting another savings account for one. Also for his 60th next year he wants to go to Orkeney. I have looked on the internet and ferry (at this years prices) for 4 of us is £220! Add £350 for a weeks cottage rental (and that was the cheapest!) and petrol to get there and back and its a lot of money......So did a bit of digging and came up with a cheaper smaller ferry - £150 and found a 3 bed static caravan for £190 - so thats more do-able.

So we had a chat about our outgoings - been bad recently as we have been having trips out involving meals and random shopping - this is going to stop - only necessesties from now on...

Also, food shopping - getting really difficult to save money in this area as prices are shooting up - will do an on-line shop as its much cheaper (although you dont get the nice whoopsies!)

I always work better when I have a goal....

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  1. We love Orkney - have been on holiday to there twice now. We have always got the cheaper ferry from Gills Bay - Pentland Ferries. It's not only cheaper but it is also the faster crossing. On the plus side there are quite a few excellent free museums on Orkney.