Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting the bettter of the back....

Slowly getting more movement - trying to reduce the painkillers as they really knock me for six - gradually building up excercises although the most walking outside I have managed was just round the scheme (about 5 minutes!)

So not much frugally happening here (apart from I cant go out and spend any money so thats good!) It also means dh has been having to do the shopping so thought I would total it up...

Up to me being ill - £108
Dh spends - £44.96

Total - round to £217 - which means I put £83 in holiday fund! Hopefully when I am back to normal I can save even more next month...


  1. Hopefully you'll feel much better soon.

    On a brighter note-where are you off to on holiday?

    Sft x

  2. My holiday fund is to fund wee breaks in our caravan - more holiday money means more holidays!

  3. Hope you continue to heal. Well done on the savings.

  4. Hope the back has improved by the time you read this. A question please, as I've only just seen this posting, what is 'the Scheme'? I have read that somewhere else today.

    I've just copied down your biscuit recipe and hope to bake them soon.