Sunday, 13 November 2011

Large (for me) spend

Back is doing much better so thought I would accompany eldest dd to IKEA (turned into a family day out as dh and youngest dd wanted to come too!)Bought everyone a cheap breakfast - took it slowly round the shop and sat at every opportunity!

Eldest dd has got her money through from the disability office at Unit to get her a chair, desk, laptop etc - she has to get the stuff and send in the receipts - they gave her a large wad of cash which is burning a hole in her pocket!

She got a lovely corner desk with lots of shelves up above (has problems reaching down to drawers) so was very happy - saved £15 on delivery as dh put it in her car and unloaded it the other end......

I knew I wanted a new cushion for my free Poang chair (cream cover and a fisherman and cat do not mix!) so got a black one for £14.99

Then we hit the bed section. Since my back has been sore I have been sleeping on the spare bed as its a lot softer than my own mattress (we have a 6ft bed and 2 matteress - he prefers soft and I prefer harder) Now its getting better its too soft but my old matteress is still on the hard side. Its a smashing mattress - miracoil and really good nick but I usually put a couple of spare duvets under the sheet for a bit of softness and its been great until my back really kicked in.

So we looked at matteress toppers. Now this is a minefield! I remember when dh got a new matteress last year I went with him and couldnt find anything better than my mattress. I tried those memory foam ones and hated them.

So first we had to find one of the IKEA beds who had a firm matteress like mine, then drag all the different mattress toppers and try out each one (by the time I had got up and down I was knackered!) Out of all of them the memory foam was the best. I hummed and hawed as it was £99 but as all my family said, you cant put a price on comfort. What finally did it was that IKEA have a 90 day trial period on mattresses -if the one you get isnt comfy you can exhange for another one. So we bought it......

And last night was the best nights sleep I have had for a long time! Dh said I didnt toss and turn like I normally do.

So although its a big spend I suppose by my little frugal ways I had the £100 to spend and being comfy in your bed is really really important.


  1. I don't think it's a splurge - it's a necessity. Having a bad back is not easy (I have one too). You need your sleep and it has to be comfy. Sweet dreams!

  2. Glad you got yourself a comfortable bed.