Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pictures of my gang hut

As promised weeks ago here are some pictures of my caravan/office/gang hut - a work in progress as my back problems stopped play but getting there! I have a desk, (complete with garden chair!), a garden relaxer chair, table for necessary tea stuff and a wee table just for decoration......nothing bought new - all from either jumbleys, car boots or already had.

I love my wee gang hut - I can concentrate on my Open Uni stuff and feel completely relaxed in it (havent taken photos of the back area as its used for storage and it a complete mess!) I also have a convecter heater in there to keep it warm. Have a wool rug I got at a car boot for £2 but really need a carpet - have gone after a few on freecycle but not been lucky - hey ho - will get one eventually!!!! Ihave a duvet cover (£1) ready to cut up for curtains and my friends mother gave me the net curtains.


  1. It looks wonderful and cozy so far.

  2. It looks fantastic, I really need to turn our summer house into something lovely too.

    Sft x

  3. I love it! Quite envious too, as I wish I had somewhere like that to do my coursework. Will have to unearth the spare bedroom...nowhere near as exciting though. Good luck with it, and hope it is all that you want it to be xx

  4. I just love to look at the interior of every camper. Yours looks warm, comfy and very inviting! I love the three paneled windows as it lets in a lot of natural light into your home. =)

    Kurt Bukowski