Monday, 4 June 2012

New washing machine

Well I havnt been driving as much as I thought I would as I am still pretty terrified! Doing short runs - parking is still a huge problem for me as I just cant seem to get the hang of it but practise, practise! So at the moment I can only drive to places that have big car parks - cant park on streets yet! lol And at long last I am getting a new washing machine today - soooo excited its really sad! My last one was an Indesit - hated it from the moment I got it - even on a fast wash with a normal spin it took 1 1/2 hours for a 40 deg wash - there was a quicker option but the washing came out dripping and it still took an hour. I have never had a washing machine where the seal went mouldy and black. Being ever the frugal one I dropped my washing to 30 degrees and after a month the machine started to stink. It was so noisy you had to shut the internal doors when it was on - that just got worse and worse which is why we are getting a new one. Funnily enough my pal had the same one and had the same problems - its done us a turn - I think we have had it just over 5 years. I have put it on Freecycle (listing all its problems!) because at the end of the day its a washer that works and might do someone a turn until they could afford a new one. My new one is a Beko - 9kg drum so I can wash sleeping bags - apparantly a full 9kg load only takes 39 minutes and theres a fast wash option of 14 mins - bliss! I have saved up for it - bought it from Tesco as I checked out the prices and it was £2 dearer on there but I got a £10 voucher off and free delivery. I paid for it with my Tesco credit card to get the extra points too! so that will be paid off in full when I get the bill. And I just got an automated message saying it will be delivered between 12 and 3......


  1. Wonderful news. I understand your excitement. As for driving, it gets easier the more you do it.

  2. Keep practising with the parking - as Marjorie so rightly says, it does get easier the more you do it. I didn't drive for years when we had the big VW vans, and was very nervous about starting up again, but now I can reverse-park with the best of them & have even driven abroad.

    I wish my washing machine would go as fast as your new one! When my big old top-loader finally died, I got a 10.5Kg front loader - still have hordes to wash & cater for - which is great in many respects, but so much slower. Which is a nuisance when you know you've got a dry, windy day coming up, but more loads than the machine can cope with in that time!


    (PS - Marjorie, please drop me an email - changed computers several years ago & lost loads of addies when the old one crashed. I often think of you & wonder how you're getting on)