Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Havnt blogged in ages so thought I would do a wee update..... Driving - still wobbly - parking is still an issue and I am driving the same roads as new roads still terrify me......did drive in the dark for the first time (terrified as dark country roads) - ongoing.... Well not only did I have to get a new washing machine (luuuurve my Beko) but a new fridge freezer too and last night - the dishwasher went poof! I got my dishwasher from Freecycle so its doesnt owe me anything but just one night without it and I realise how much I hate washing dishes! So will order one today. The joys of being frugal and always having something put by is I have paid every one of these items with cash - well, strictly not true - paid for by Tesco credit card so I could get points but paid for in total when the bill came through. Also did extra hours at work so youngest dd could have a weeks holiday in Germany with the school - shes doing work experience to help her with her Higher German. And....drum roll.....I bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers with my eldest dd - my sons wedding is 21 September 2013 and I will not be the fattest one in the pictures! I have now lost 19 1/2 lbs which sounds a huge amount but I have a lot to lose. However, I have gone down a dress size and folk are starting to notice which is nice.

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