Saturday, 29 September 2012

Freecycle comes up trumps with a dishwasher!

As my mum always says you wont get if you dont ask - as well as putting up a wanted post on Freecycle for a video player I put one up for a dishwasher as well.... Anyway, that was last week and I got offered loads of videos - got a combined video and dvd which was great and took another video player as a spare. Then - got an email from someone who had a friend who was moving to a house with a full size dishwasher and was giving away his slimline! Went up this morning to collect it, plumbed it in and it works beautifully - it should do as its a Bosch and must have been dear. Its got a digital thingy to show how many minutes are left and although its the same size as my last one i can see to get so much more in as the racks seem much better organised - I am a happy bunny to say the least!


  1. Great score! I love Freecycle for this very reason. Often a want isn't posted as a freecycle offering yet once I post a needed want, I often get offers! I have given loads as well as been on the receiving end of Freecycle, having acquired 2 automatic bread machines, an electric knife kit, canning jars, 50th wedding anniversary custom made invitations, laundry supplies, bath supplies, clothes pins, webbed chair metal clips for holding the webbing in place, a zigzag sewing machine in a wooden cabinet as well as all of the attachments, spare machine needles, and a large, rectangular sewing storage kit full of sewing notions: thread, hand needles, elastic, etc.

  2. Good grief! thats really great!

  3. Oh man, I would love a dishwasher! Even one meal's worth of dishes looks awful piled up on our kitchen counter! :( I need to motivate the boyfriend to do the dishes without me asking!

    P.S. I just tagged you in one of those answer-some-questions-about-yourself games on my blog. Silly but fun use of time! :)