Sunday, 3 February 2013

Charity shopping - bought nothing!

Had a lovely day yesterday - the sun appeared at long last so me and eldedst dd went to our local beach and had an hours walk - took a flask with peppermint tea and some fruit and had a really nice time.... Didnt want to go home as it was so nice so went to North Berwick to look at the charity shops....and I didnt buy a thing! I am getting better about wants not needs! My dd did get some really nice stuff but charity shops are really getting expensive - she got a full lenght regatta raincoat, a wool cape, fancy top, a tie that looks like a fish for her dad and some books - £35. Then went to our local garden centre for soup - got there but none left so we shared a pannini and shared a scone so only cost £5 each for a wee meal out. (and she drove so it didnt even cost me anything in petrol!!!! lol)

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