Monday, 11 February 2013

Still managing food budget...and more yellow sticky bargains

I am starting to really like going to Asda at 8 on a Sunday night - its nice and quiet and there arent kids running down the aisles and you are not battling with prams etc. Got there just as they were reducing their bread and got 4 packs hot cross buns for 10p each, 2 loaves of wholemeal bread - 10p each, an onion loaf - 10p, 6 crusty rolls for soup - 10p and six packs of pancakes for 10p each. The buns and pancakes are bagged up in 2's in the freezer. So this weeks spending is £44.42. There werent any more bargains this week but I was quite happy with my haul. I could have cut spending down further but find my lot are better if there are some snacks around (ie my bargains and a few crisp bags) and I did give in and get a joint of pork for £4 as a treat. So my menu plan this week is Mon - Meatballs & pasta, Tuesday - leftover chicken pie, Weds - Chicken curry, Thursday - pizza for oh and dd as I go to Weight Watchers and my eldest makes me a 3 course WW meal!, Friday - Macaroni cheese, Saturday -Beefburger rolls & pud, Sunday - Roast Pork. I mostly buy loose fruit and veg and make sure I get a bag to put them in and then re-use the bag to freeze stuff - how mean is that! lol

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