Monday, 5 August 2013

Asda bargains & being under budget!

Well late night shopping is the way to go - tiring but managed to bag over £9 of bread and rolls for £1.20 so happy - no other yellow stickies but with a bit of jiggery pokery on my menu this week my weeks shopping came in at......£49.41. Have had to cut back on fresh fruit because even though its summmer its still dear AND not happy about the price hike on tinned fruit! For quite a while Asda peaches in juice have been 45p per tin and last night they were 61p!!!! How can they justify a 16p rise?????? Its also noticeable that its the Smart price stuff that goes first - had to pay 44p for passata as opposed to 27p Smart price. Its results day for my dd Highers tomorrow so we are going to Edinburgh - her pals mum has booked her and her friend into Bannatynes for some pampering as a wee treat before the results. They were going to get the bus to my eldest dds and she was going to take them in but I will save them the bus fare and go with them - dont intend to spend anything but will mooch round the shops as I still need a dress for my sons wedding....

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  1. Well done on your low spend. I do ok with value items. Altho if it's sold out I just do without till next time i go. I buy value tinned peaches they are abit sticky so I run water into the tin twice and tip it out before I serve them. I find tinned pineapple better value for money tho as the tin is huge.

    Fresh fruit right now I only buy apples and bananas if I get nothing else on offer in lidl or reduced. I've started using frozen peppers as the price just keeps going up, i much prefer fresh for the crunch.