Sunday, 4 August 2013

Filling out forms....hate it!

I deal with forms all day long at work (I work as an HR assistant in our local council) and really hate doing them in the house! But needs must.....just completed the application for the Education Maintenance allowance for youngest dd staying on at school (£30 a week is not to be sniffed at! lol) and my SAAS application for funding for my next course with the Open University (anyone new to my blog - I had a "I'm-50-what-have-I-acheived" moment a few years ago and enrolled in the OU to do a History degree - half way through and still loving it!)So far have managed to get funding for it due to being on Working Tax but they have changed it this year and it now goes through SAAS (like brick unis) which goes on your wages so hopefully I will get the next 3 stages funded too. Going to a small car boot this afternoon (havent been to one in ages as we dont get many up here) Its at our local Sunday market so will get some cheap veg for the week ahead too. Let us see how discerning I can be and not spend too much! lol

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