Monday, 1 August 2011


Well I went to the haidressers and got my free fringe trim - so that was £25 saved! Felt a bit cheeky but hey ho - my hair is in a bob which is longer at the front than the back - thinking about growing it all one length to save on haircuts - might go for dry trims next time when its all one length...

Having a look at our finances today - our computer died and with it all my wonderful money and finance spreadsheets - this laptop only has Microsoft Works or Star office on it and neither of them do what I want them to do with my spreadsheets so I am going to have to spend a couple of hours re-jigging them.

My on-line shop worked well last week - in fact I am due a shop today but we have enough to last a couple more days so I will hang back doing an order.

When I first started this blog I blogged every day even if it was just a few lines but always listed what I had spent in that day - might go back to doing that as its a great way of keeping an eye on where your pennies go to!

Driving lesson today - another 2 weeks and I will have to come up with more money for lessons.....

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  1. Brilliant saving on your fringe cut. Hairdressers charge so much don't they? I have a bob and my daughter trims it for me and I trim her hair, so savings all round! ... :0)