Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 2 of Frugal Boot camp....need to get dh on-board!

Well Day 2 and already dh has been spending!!! Breakies - bran flakes, lunch - quorn chilli - tea, chicken (tiny bit) and veg curry & rice Dh took on himself to do some in the past he has happily ignored our garden but I guess hes thinking of ways to amuse himself but it had to involve buying grass seed and weed killer! And he toddled off to the shops to get some basics (which we did need but could have managed without) Bless him - he is really trying hard but just ended up being trying! lol So he cost us another £18.20 from the housekeeping (leaving £65.80 until the end of July) and £20 from the household budget. I spent nowt!


  1. You can only do your best, don't beat yourself up too much, at least you will be poor but with a lovely lawn!!

  2. They do seem like reasonable spends that were needed. Think of all the frugal picnics you can have in your lovely garden.