Saturday, 27 July 2013

Days 3-5 of Frugal Boot camp

Invited to a barbecue so had to buy stuff - £8 including drinks for 4 of us!! lol Did buy a dress for myself but it was out of my allowance for this month (which is going to be halved next month) - reduced from £39 to £22 - I have now lost 4 stone and have quite a bit to go -the dress is lovely standing up but when I sit down I spread a bit so its an incentive. But we also had to pay for car repairs which was £75 - but again, I had that already saved up in my Car repairs account - defintley a need! Went for a lovely walk along the beach with my two dds gathering drift wood and shells to make stuff with (my eldest is arty not me!) And my Prima magazine arrived today (paid for with Tesco clubcard vouchers) so been a no-spend day.... My birthday tomorrow so there are secret plans afoot that I am not involved with so we will see what tomorrow brings...


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow xx

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow, and well done of losing so much weight!

  3. A Very happy Birthday tomorrow. Hope you tell us what your suprise is.
    Congrats on the weight loss, you really are doing well

  4. After my shopping bill this week (with an extra four mouths to feed as my sister is visiting), I think I need some of your advice! I try to cut corners at one end of the food shop, but then Hubby comments that we have nothing "nice" to eat and goes out and buys continental cheeses, meats, beers and crisps. All my savings come to nowt.