Thursday, 20 March 2014

Todays outfit.....

I was adding up how much todays outfit for work cost....M&s trousers, £2 charity shop, Bonne Marche top, £1.50 charity shop, Boots, £2 charity shop and my big padded duvet coat was £4...from a charity shop!!! The only thing I bought new (apart from underwear and I draw a line there! lol) was my handbag and I actually got that in Primark sale for £3. So top to tail for £12.50 - not too shabby!


  1. Thats a bargain outfit, if only all outfits were that price. Mind you cost per wear I think most of mine are at pence now.

    X x

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  3. I'm lucky we have jumble sales round here and clothes sell for 30p an item. I draw a line at second hand undies as well lol

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