Monday, 13 October 2014

Good news on job front and update

Cant believe my last post was March! Well, things have taken a turn for the better - my youngest dd left school so we lost the WTC and Child Benefit but she managed to get a job within a week of leaving - its only an apprenticeship (grand £2.68 per hour!!) but its with the Council where I work so no travelling costs and she will have an SVQ 3 at the end of it. So even on her pittance I still get dig money! And I have secured extra hours until the end of June next year so I am now working full time. Thats a bit of culture shock and to add to it I am still doing my History degree with the OU and just started my 5th course but first at level 3 which is going to be a lot harder - bring it on! We decided rather than fritter that extra money away its going straight into a savings pot - this house is desperate for new window sills, re-pointing and the bathroom is a disgrace. We bought it 15 years ago from the council and heaven only knows when the last time the bathroom was upgraded - still have the old toilet with the black cistern! We dont have a shower either. So thats our plans...which means I am still on the frugal wagon and watching every penny.


  1. Hi. I'm doing a history degree with OU too and on my 5th year. What course are you doing? Glad you are posting again will follow with interest.

  2. Hi - I have just started on Empire - theres a huge amount of reading ahead!!!

  3. I have just started Empire too! What do you think? I cannot believe the amount of reading and I don't like the website at all - too much hunting around for information. Have just finished TMA 01. I went for option 1 - got myself into a pickle but after reading some things on the forum it all slotted into place yesterday. Good luck.