Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Charity shop bargains and Student discount card

Ooo I do love a Charity shop! My fave one is the Salvation Army - at the weekend I got a black spotty top for me (£1.50), a black peplum top for dd (£1.50), a pure wool scarf for 50p and a Rosemary Conley hardback recipe/diet book for £1. Yesterday went out in my lunch time - the charity shops in the town where I work are a bit dearer = got a lovely rust coloured light jumper (M&S) but paid £4 for it and a Weight watchers cookbook for £1.50. As Im studying with the OU I'm entitled to a Student discount card - costs £12 and this is the first time I have got one - you can use it at the Co-op for a 10% discount. I mainly use Asda but often top-up at the Co-op and so far have saved a grand total of £1.50 off!

1 comment:

  1. The Salvation Army shops used to be reasonable, now they are pricing themselves out of reality.

    They are spending far too much time being a go between for us and EBay.