Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy and frugal 2015!

Have been low with some awful lurgy so did not go out last night and am going to have a quiet day today - steak is cooking ready for the traditional steak pie followed by the last of the mince pies with the last of the cream. Have been sorting out my yearly finances and re-assessing what amounts go into what pots (I use whats called a Freedom account to control my finances - basically I have virtual pots for various categories such as Holidays, Household etc and divide all my money into these) This year I was under budget with my Christmas spending due to some canny buys in the sales but as I am now working full time I dont have the time off to chase bargains. So I have had a re-think and have reduced how much I spend on birthdays and Christmas. The adults will get a token and a card and even partners grandkids will be reduced. I have a wedding to look forward to and my first grandchild is due end of May so the family is getting bigger all the time. My increase in hours last until end of June - have been finding it very stressful working full time and trying to run a house and do a History degree. Its been a bit of treadmill - I have had to increase my housekeeping cos I can cook as much from scratch, petrol has gone up, I need more clothes etc. I was actually wondering if it was more fun working part time and trying to manage on what I had.... We have also been discussing moving. We live in a bought flat with a council flat upstairs and a new family has moved in with kids and dogs (and no carpets!) We only have a small mortgage but are stuck in that even if we downsize from our 3 bed to a 2 bed we will still have to get a bigger mortgage as the prices in this town are very expensive. So we arent sure what to do - this place is needing more and more repairs too.... So our first steps are to de-clutter and see what we can make from car boot sales. Neither oh or myself can be bothered with the hassle of Ebay so we will also be selling stuff on Gumtree and Facebook - I help run a selling group just for our town on Facebook and its getting more and more popular. I also like to give things back so got rid of an old computer chair and a bobbly duvet only fit for a dog bed on Freecycle yesterday. I am also going down the route yet again of trying not to buy so much stuff - although its always at charity shops or car boots I really dont need it all. There is a fine line in that as I work full time I like to treat myself but again - I must stop and think IS IT A NEED OR A WANT? My house is bursting at the seams and if we do downsize heaven knows where it will all go. I am defintly a hoarder of the "just in case" theme - having had no money to buy anything at all I see to be always buying stuff nw just in case I run out of money and dont have anything! So when I figure out how to put photos from my phone direct to blogger I will put up photos of all the stuff I am letting go of! Had anyone else any plans to be better off this year?

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