Sunday, 10 October 2010

Car boot

Have had a savings chat with oh and youngest dd - explained we were eating out far too much etc and I would be keeping more of a handle on our outgoings.....

Sunday - this time we boxed clever by having breakies before going to the car boot (or I thought we did!) Off we went - bought a tombola ticket for £1 and won a chocolate advent calender (still in date!) - into the xmas box. Then found a brand new large metal flask (still boxed) for £1. Bought some muffins for later on (£1.60) and that was all. Then went to another car boot at our local market and bought nothing at all there. Then came the hard bit, normally we always get a fish supper as they are really nice. Now because I had breakies I didn't want anything - but youngest dd and eldest dd how joined us were both hungry (hadn't had breakies) so I ended up buying them a fish supper to share (and 2 bottles of juice) Then oh decided he was hungry and I put the foot down - no way was I going to buy him something when he'd had a huge cooked breakies so made him pay for his own burger and coffee with his allowance (which instead of leaving in the bank as I usually do I got both our allowances out in cash) You could see he was torn - usually its always me that spends but it makes a change him actually having to use his own money - so dear reader, he bought them!

So re-capping - could have done without the muffins and made my own, could have saved more money by bring out juice - working on it a step at a time......

Saved by car sharing - £35.40
Housekeeping - £69
Extra Holiday money - £135.76
Food out - £9.60
My allowance left - £46
Household - £1

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