Saturday, 9 October 2010

New car!

Feeling a lot better - tooth still giving me problems but going to the dentist on Monday for extractions so that will sort it!
2nd driving lesson went well (didn't cry - always good!) so booked another 10....
And.....bought myself a wee car! its a Fiat Sciento - bit of a carrot to pass the test but everyone persuaded me to get it to practice in - been looking at my own insurance for it and its do-able with a bit of financial juggling.
Talking about financial juggling.....going to have a re-think about how I keep track on spending.......have got a diary to carry round and am going to write down how much I have in each of my Freedom accounts for the following - Clothes, Entertainment, Repairs and Household. So before I whip out the old bank card to buy something I will check if I have enough in that particular account.Its funny how you get complacent about finances so I need to get back on track as I now will have extra insurance, road tax and petrol to think about (paid for the car in cash which was a good feeling!)

Saved by car sharing - £35.40
Housekeeping - £12
Extra Holiday money - £135.76
My allowance left - £47

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