Monday, 7 February 2011

Price of printer ink is shocking!

I have just ordered ink for my printer - nearly £40! and that was the cheapest HP one I could find (have had others in the past for previous printers but have always found that the HP original ones were the best)
Have been using a laser printer for the last 5 years (got it from my old job when I was made redundant) - it was on its last legs then but I managed to buy a cartridge for it (£35) and its lasted all that time - its now officially died...

So was very pleased when I applied for my Open University course that they would supply not only a laptop but a printer too - so cant really complain about forking out £40 - mind you everyone in the house is warned not to print unless really necessary!!!

Driving lesson today - nearly got cancelled because of the snow but it had all gone by the time I had it. 2 weeks since my last one and it showed - for some strange reason I seem to like 4th gear no matter what I am doing! Another one tomorrow - hopefully better!

Feb housekeeping left - £122.29 left
(£50 goes into holiday fund)
Spent - my allowance - £5.89
Spent - clothes - £14.74
Spent - household - £35.99
Spent - entertainment - £55.85
Spent - Christmas 2011 - £106.25 (saved - £202.45!)

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