Monday, 9 May 2011

6 week de-clutter rota

Well the curse of the back room has struck again! every time I tidy up a room anything I don't have a home for gets dumped in the back room - its an ongoing problem....

So I have devised a 6 week de-clutter and deep clean rota - every Monday I will do one room. The house isn't actually too bad (barr the back room) but I will feel happier if I know at least there's no more than 6 weeks cluttering to tidy up!)

Started off last week when I sorted out under my bathroom sink and towel cupboard in the bathroom.

This week was an ideal time to sort out my sitting room as I had to move the telly (ooooo behind that was scary!) I sorted out all my unit, baskets, moved all the furniture to clean - even took the cushions of the suite and brushed out all the crumbs. Everything that wasn't supposed to be in there ended up....yes you guessed it...the back room!

So have got our bedroom, kitchen, passage and the infamous back room to go.

I know its hefty at first but at least I know every 6 weeks my rooms will get a good going over.

Did my on-line shop - back to weekly at the moment - £52 - £50 is my budget but had to buy rabbit food.

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