Saturday, 14 May 2011

Good car boot and jumble sale!

We dont have many car boots in our neck of the woods - tend to be annually and very small - todays was at my dds school - 10 cars tops!
Got a nice document drawer set £1, a cotton laundry bag (for your smalls) 50p and a fruit bowl for £1.
Me and eldest dd went for a nice walk and took a picnic while waiting for a scout jumble sale to start (Gullane - nice area so hoped to get some good stuff)
Managed to bag a travel Sanctuary set (£1), a back pack picnic set (only had 2 metal mugs, 2 napkins and a spoon) for £1 and a metal teapot with metal milk jug for the caravan for £1.50 and a blue/white checked tablecloth for 50p.
Eldest dd did very well, got 2 handbags, a knitting bag, picture, dinner service and salad plates!
I love looking at the stuff people give away - dds dinner service was the pyrex/arcopal type with a red rose on - its all stuff you couldnt buy in the shops and I love retro stuff.

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  1. I love a good car boot. We got a guitar case at one last week for £5. I was going to have to buy one for my son anyway