Thursday, 5 May 2011

Great start to the day...bad end....

It was my eldest dds checkup at Cancerland as she calls it - she has now been cancer free for 1 year and 2 months - had her check up and everything is fine so the next appointment is not for 6 months! Yayyy!

Followed this by retail therapy - bought some work clothes for myself in the Evans sale and bagged a half price maxi dress in Anne Harvey for a wedding I am going to (all of this paid for by my cashback cheque from Quidco which was even better!!!)

Then had a lovely Spanish meal at Tapas - full as anything....

Managed a half hour walk by the river.....

Then got home and disaster had struck...our Freeview recorder box has died! I sooo rely on it - I only record programmes I really want to watch - try not to watch telly too much as its such a time waster. Also, my heavy handed OH pulled the aerial socket out of the telly and we cant use it unless we have a Freeview box - so no telly for us until I buy another one.

So we will buy a cheap Freeview box from Asda tomorrow and I am off to hunt for a good deal on a Freeview recorder.

But still a happy day!

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