Sunday, 8 May 2011

Am I wasting my time.......

Well after much hooing and hawing we have ordered a new Freeview recorder and a new television....well I suppose thats what savings accounts are for!

So looked at how we could curb our spending for a while to build it back up again and suggested that we have 2 vegetarian meals a week - well - you think I had suggested living on bread and dripping!!!!! My family (well, dh and youngest dd) seem to think money grows on tree. As I pointed out we would not be in the position to buy these things if I didnt economise and save up.
Am I wasting my time? should I just be like everyone else and have a brand new car and caravan and shiny new sofas every year and be up to my eyeballs in debt????

Noooo - been there done it and paid it all back - I am never going there again.

So found 2 lovely recipes in the Asda free magazine - asparagus with feta in filo pastry and bean/mushroom burgers - so will report back to see how it goes!

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  1. When they ask what's for tea on those two days I'd just say "filo parcels" or "burgers" and not mention the V word. You may find that they don't realise that they are veggie meals if you don't mention it. Funnily enough for some reason my family would never twig on that a pizza without meat was veggie or that cheesy pasta was veggie! I guess they felt these werre familiar foods so didn't notice. xxx