Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Busy, busy....

Lots been going on so havnt had time to blog!

Wrapped all dds birthday presents (19th December) and nearl all Christmas presents. Been very careful with the budget and am off to Asda later on this evening to get any stuff I need that doesnt have sell by dates.

Sent off my next OU essay - not too thrilled with it but was getting so stressed about it decided to stop trying to get it perfect and send it in...one thing less to worry about.

Had a driving lesson today which was pants - i have a lot on my mind and wasnt too happy about my driving at all! My test was booked for next week but I have cancelled it and am having no more driving lessons until the New Year.

Got the old sewing machine out and made 2 single duvets from a king size one I bought for £7. Also made some christmas gift bags out of material I bought for £1 from a car boot - bit lopsided but I am still a learner with a sewing machine!

Its extremely windy here - not looking forward to going out shopping but trying to go when its quieter at Asda.....


  1. Well done. I hope you have a Happy Christmas and New Year Linda. Hugs

  2. I found a good easy pattern for a shoe bag some time ago. These are easy to make because the pattern and construction are simple. Would make a good gift bag because they are wider on the bottom than just two rectangles stitched together