Saturday, 31 December 2011

How I manage Christmas budget

I put away a set amount every month ready to budget for Christmas - this means that during the year if I come across any great bargains I have the money and can stash away presents. I dont have a huge amount of people to buy for which helps!

The presents I got at BHS are for the babies in the family because there the ones who cant ask for anything! lol - as they get older and know what they want it gets more difficult.

What I used to do is say I budget £20 for somebody - if I got something reduced from £20 to £10 I would also spend the other £10 on them to make it up. Now however, if I see something for £20 reduced to £10 thats all they get! £20 is what I would have spent if I hadnt got that thing reduced and if I save £10 that goes into my savings.

I was quite lucky last year - got nearly everything reduced - even before Xmas the on-line discounts were really good. I also used my Tesco credit card to pay for everything (direct debit set up to pay off in full every month) so I can collect the points for magazine subs as presents. I always go through Quidco - even 2% cashback all adds up. I also check various sites (including my favourite - for vouchers and free delivery codes - didnt pay for any delivery at all this year.

Extra food is included in my budget - I do 2 shops for Christmas food which I keep seperate from my household budget - first one is for stuff that will keep and the 2nd one is for the fresh stuff. Got a great piece of brisket reduced from nearly £10 to £1.87 (I actually got a lot of bargains that day - have a picture on my camera and when I can find it under all the mess in this house I will post a picture!)

So on gifts and christmas stuff (cards etc bought in previous years sales!) for Xmas 2011...

Spent - £396.50
Would have cost - £703
So saved a whopping £306.50

Food - on both shops together spent just under £90 (including stuff for New Year)
My budget was £540 (12 x £45)

Total spend - £486.50

So very pleased I can put another £53.50 away in my savings!


  1. Thats a great saving. I always try and get present in the sale of possible but only if it is something that the person would like. We don't have wish lists for Christmas, we all just buy surprises instead, Some times it works and some times it doesn't but it all adds to the fun!

    Next year however I believe we may be doing secret santas for all the adults with a £30 spend limit. Should save us all a few pennies.

    X x

  2. Excellent Christmas savings!! :D I definitely need to find more vouchers when I buy things online!

  3. Well done Linda. I budget for Xmas too but don't have access to sales so do it online as cheaply as possible. We always have modest Xmases here.