Monday, 5 December 2011

Raging at Scottish Power,...

Been a while since I blogged due to back/flu etc.....

We pay £90 per month direct debit to Scottish Power for our gas and electric - I got a lovely (?) email from them saying there were going to put my direct debits up to £122!!!!!! Thats a £32 price hike every month!

I logged onto my account and saw on their graphs I am actually using less electric than last year and much less then the year before AND I am £313 in credit with them!

Robbing I have sent off an email cancelling my direct debit and going back to paying quarterly and demanding a refund.

We went round the whole house last night and made sure there were no chargers etc on, have put the telly, dvd, wii etc all on 1 extension so when the telly is switched off everything else goes off too. All my lights are energy saving bulbs, we got cavity wall insulation in the summer so that has made a great difference to our heating as we either dont put it on or put it on very low.

So I am now on everyones backs about switching off lights when leaving a room, not leaving the telly on mute while go off and do something else (dh's favourite trick!)

I also got out my huge vacuum flask jug and instead of boiling a kettle every 10 mins (dh and his coffee habit) the kettle gets boiled and the hot water put into the flask. As its such a big one it keeps the water lovely and hot.

One of our big electric guzzlers is we have a huge (but very old) chest freezer in the shed - its great for stowing food bargains in but is never over half full - maybe with the refund we can get another more energy efficienct one - came across this site which looks interesting

It shows which are the most energy saving applicances.

Nearly finished my Xmas shopping - mostly done on line with discounts and free delivery codes - noticed there have been a lot more discounts available this year - 30% off is not uncommon - last year it was quite hard to find discounts - sign of the times I;m afraidn.....


  1. How I understand your pain. Our recent water bill had risen by 66%. Our consumption had remained the same. How can families and pensioners cope with such ridiculous hikes?

  2. That is awful about the rate hike. Ours is always going up too. I hope you get your refund soon.

  3. Yes, Scottish Power tried this one on me as well, it took several e-mails to make them back down. I switched to E-on as soon as I could, they have a fixed tarrif till 2013.