Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Refund from Scottish Power on its way.....

God it was like extracting teeth! First I emailed them to say I wanted a refund - I put on the boxes my meter readings.....2 days later I get another email from them saying before I can get a refund could I put my meter readings in! So I did that AGAIN and got a nice email this morning saying I will be getting a cheque for £179.33 (I originally thought it would be more) and they are putting my direct debits down from £122 per month to £88 per month!


I also went onto my account and compared previous years usages with this year.....

Electric - slightly more - 145 previous year and 150 this year - my electric heating in the caravan could be blamed for that

Gas - previous year I had used 3305 but this year is was only 2221 - very pleased with this. Although we used much more last year (thick snow) hopefully our cavity wall insulation we got put in for free in the summer will help too.

I am now being manic about switching off lights and the telly - we dont have anything except our freeview recorder on all the time - everything else is switched off - we have no phone chargers lurking anywhere - they are only plugged in when needed. Even the dishwasher and washing machine get switched off the minute they finish - you never know how many pennies that flashing red light it using up!

Its chilly here today but I have a thermal vest on under my jumper, thermal socks, a body warmer and havnt had to resort to hand warmers yet - that heating is not going on until we feel uncomfortable.

I am off to bake mince pies for Crimbo so the oven will keep me nice and warm for a while!


  1. Congrats on that refund, a nice boost for Christmas. Also the reduction in your DD.

    We had an energy reduction recently too.

    A great feeling.

    We've had heating for a while. 1 storage heater and our log burner which burns our free wood.

    I always open that oven door after cooking.

    Sft x

  2. Bloomin utility companies, they are robbers. You've got to watch them every step of the way. Good on you for getting a refund, they should never have let you get into that much credit.