Thursday, 12 January 2012

Been very quiet.......

We are trying not to spend anything at the moment......our bill is due for our caravan on its seasonal site at the end of this month - a lot of money to pay up front.

I must admit although I loved the idea of a bolt-hole its too expensive. Not only is it working out about £70 a month just to keep it there we have petrol and food on top of that. And the site is not as good as we first thought (the noise from the nearby motorway killed it for me!) Also they advertised heated toilet block and ever since we have been going down from September to November not once was the heating on. And charging £1 for a shower was far too expensive (we cant use the shower in our caravan - its in with the loo and too tiny to use)

So we are still debating about it - me against the family at the moment!

Did an on-line Asda shop (did miss getting bargains!!!!)

Re-started my driving lessons - 53 lessons I have had so far and I am still terrified! Not sure if I will ever get to pass standard......


  1. Good luck with the lessons, keep at it. You will get there in the end.

    X x

  2. Sorry the campsite did not work out as you planned. good luck with the driving lessons.