Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Boots bargains and Quorn mince

Popped into my local Boots today and got some wee pressies in their 75% off sale - makeup set reduced from £12 to £3 and some nice eye shadows from £8 to £2 so my gift box is looking a bit better!

Also tried out quorn mince for the first time last night - Asda had it on special offer for £1 per pack. I put 2 tins of toms in and herbs and made spaghetti bolognese last night and there was enough left to add chilli and kidney beans to make chilli-con-carne. Although it was a bit strange consistency it was perfectly ok and cheap as chips! Very pleased.....


  1. Linda, thrilled to find you on my wanderings round the www! AngieC here, trying to remember my Blogger password - I do have an account somewhere but have changed pooters & temporarily mislaid all my passwords. Have finally given up on the US sites & joined MSE (thriftwizard over there) although I'm too busy to spend much time online. Running a craft shop now, youngest also 16, two boys off our hands some of the time but somehow costing just as much as they did when they were at home.
    Off now to see whether I "recognise" any other Bloggers from FMs - still in contact with Carrie & Susie. Have bookmarked you; I also have a blog, but elsewhere. Will read your archives later to catch up a bit!

  2. Angie!!!! great to hear from you! (and a picture too!)I am on MSE too (soon-to-be-jobless) but must admit I dont post huge amounts but check it every day - Marjorie is on blogger too! Its actually really great that frugality at long last is catching on in the UK - we must have been pioneers back on FM's!

  3. Wow - must go & find Marjorie :-) If you remember Schmoo (OH was US army, lived in Norfolk, now back in US) she's still very much in touch too. How's your eldest getting along now?

    1. My eldest dd had a small brush with cancer a couple of years ago but is in remission now and is now going to Edinburgh Uni as a mature student so alls well at the mo.
      I remember Schmoo too - give her my best!

  4. Quorn is a bit of an acquired taste, but its pretty good in its versatility.