Sunday, 15 January 2012

Our New Year treat..

We usually go to the cinema on New Years Day and have a nice meal out but what with illness/hangovers etc we didnt get so went up to Edinburgh yesterday.

Went to see Puss in Boots in 3d - what a shocking price - £11 per adult! Im afraid it will be a long time before we got to the cinema again unless its a Tuesday and its me and my eldest dd who has gets her carer in free!

Had a nice meal in Frankie & Bennys - £48 and we didnt even have dessert but it was budgeted for in my Entertainment budget.

So really need to knuckle down this year - first thing I altered was birthday presents - have cut everyones (apart from my youngest dd) in half.

We are still running 3 cars (I will eventually pass my test!!!!!) so one is going as soon as we decided what to do about the caravan (we need the big car to bring it back)

I have a suscpicion 2012 is going to be a very lean year - my youngest dd turns 16 next December so our Working Tax and DLA for her will stop so we might as well tighten our belts to get ready for the drop in money....


  1. You cut everyone's birthday presents in half?? ;)

    £11?!?!?! It's £6.50 here and I think THAT'S steep! Have you tried a different cinema? When I lived in Cardiff I found Odeon the most expensive and Cineworld the least, with Vue somewhere in the middle.

    Orrr, if it is a chain cinema, you can often get discounts on certain days. Check the website.

    Orrr, go on a Wednesday. Using a mobile on Orange, text FILM to 241 for a buy-one-get-one-free code. You can't book online in advance with them though, which is annoying when it's a new film!

  2. I m afraid your blog title is misleading. 3D is less popular in the States as people wont pay the prices and many actually prefer the other anyway.
    48 quid for dinner out is a lot - maybe rent a movie and eat a pizza ?