Friday, 10 February 2012

Update on dd and an Approved food order to try them...

Well got the wheelchair off freecycle - lightweight one to push about so it did the trick - took dd to the fracture clinic and they are pleased with her - put another plaster on (this time below the knee - hurray!) so shes a bit more mobile. Got a wheelchair from the Red cross (dontation required - £5 per week) with a leg extension so she can keep her leg elevated and its a self propelled one so she can get out and about a bit more.

And tried out the Approved food website - have looked at in the past and never really found much I could try but there was loads this time - cous cous for 14p a packet, white sauce 5p a packet, nouvelle loo roll - 9 roll packs for £2.75, 450gms jam for 50p, 8 tortillas for 40p were some of the best bargains. Anyway, I put the suprise box for £1 to my order just for fun! So its cost me £46.81 including postage but I got gizillions of stuff so quite happy with it.

Having dd here means a lot extra on the food bill so might have to ask her for a wee donation!!!!!!

Housekeeping in Feb - £102 in Asda
£47 Approved foods


  1. Hope your daughter's feeling a bit happier now that she's more mobile! £5 a week's not bad really - good to know that sort of service is available if you need it too!

    Might have to check out the aproved food website! Do they deliver across the UK?

  2. Gotto love Approved Food, there's always something - DD2, 16 & a total fusspot, lives on the Chilli Spelt & the Falafel, those italian beans are excellent & the aprons are amazing value at £1.49 - I'm covering one with crazy patchwork ATM & hope to sell it on for a lot more. If it doesn't sell, I'll just have to wear it! And in our Lucky Box there were sugared almonds & belgian choccies, amongst other things - didn't last long, needless to say.


    PS it won't accept my Wordpress ID but I'm over there under RecycledLifestyle