Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Off to get a wheelchair from Freecycle!

Bit demented pushing dd about on a computer chair - couldnt get one from the docs (no idea why!) and was given 2 numbers to call for wheelchair lending. Both were miles away in remote parts of Edinburgh and Dalkeith (no idea how to even get there) so put a message up on Freecycle to see if I could get lucky and even get a loan of a wheelchair......lo and behold a lovely lady has replied and we are going in half an hour to pick one up! Turns out its only a few streets away from where my dd actually lives when shes not being out house guest!
Arent people lovely.......


  1. That's wonderful you found one on Freecycle! Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

  2. You've been tagged! check out my page for details.

  3. Big smile from me! I do love Freecycle.